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TV Hogger
Lord Hogger, Infinite Champion
Background Information
Race Gnoll (with draconic augments)
Class Warrior, Dragon Knight
Guild The Infinite Dragonflight, formerly the Dragon Knights of Deathwing
Vital Statistics
Height Tall
Weight Massive
Build Muscular
Hair Dark
Eyes Yellow
Personal Information
Age Impossible to determine, due to temporal effects
Birthplace Elwynn Wasteland, formerly Elwynn Forest
Current Residence Across space and time, with the Infinite Dragonflight

"Deathwing's tyranny must be stopped, regardless of the cost"


Hogger was born in Elwynn forest, the offspring of the rulers of the local Gnoll leaders. However, his family were slaughtered by the evil overlords of the kingdom when he was young. The noble Gnoll swore vengance on the Amanathi butchers that had robbed him of all he loved. As such, he readily supported Deathwing's armies when they conquered the southern kingdoms.

Dragon KnightEdit

Lord VanCleef was impressed with the young Gnoll, seeing the sheer power that he posessed and sensing his potential. He personally inducted Hogger into the Dragon Knights, and trained him to become the greatest warrior the Knights had ever seen. However, the Gnoll came to realise that he was serving a greater evil than the one he had helped overthrow.


Realizing his mistake, Hogger chose to leave the Dragon Knights. However, his former comrades were not willing to let him go so easily. The dragon knight Rhonin was sent after him; however, Hogger used his superior training to easily slay him. A second Knight, Weaponmaster Mograine, also attacked Hogger; Hogger defeated Mograine and took his sword, the Ashbringer, a powerful artifact of Deathwing.

Champion of the InfiniteEdit

After that, Hogger was approached by a mysterious dragon; the odd creature was not one of the Black Dragonflight but similar in many ways. It introduced intself as "Epoch Guardian", a member of the Infinite Dragonflight with the abilty to travel through time. The Infinte Dragonflight were attempting to alter history so that Deathwing would never rise to power. Seeing how Hogger had managed to thwart the evil dragon's plans once, he requested the noble Gnoll's aid. Hogger agreed, and now the pair of them travel through time and space, seeking to destroy Deathwing's evil.


Already augmented as a Dragon Knight, Hogger received further Draconic Augmentations from the infinite dragonflight. This made him even stronger and more powerful, able to take on even the most powerful of the Dragon Knights. He also gained the ability to manipulate time; he can speed up, slow down and even stop time if needed and can even travel back in time himself.

Because of his massive strength, Hogger can carry the mighty Ashbringer in only one hand while still using it effectively. In his other hand he carries Sulfuras, the Hand of Ragnaros, a weapon that he took from Deathwing's personal trophy collection.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • "Epoch Guardian" is the Tyrantverse counterpart of Epoch Hunter
  • Tyrantverse Hogger is over nine thousand times powerful than Coreverse Hogger

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