TV Illidan
Former Grandmaster Illidan Stormrage
Background Information
Race Night Elf
Class Mage, Rogue, Dragon Knight
Guild Dragon Knights of Deathwing
Vital Statistics
Height Tall
Weight Average
Build Muscular
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Magically replaced
Personal Information
Age Immortal
Birthplace Ashenvale
Current Residence Deathwing's Lair

A more loyal servant of the Dragonflight than Master Stormrage is most certainly impossible to find.

-Edwin VanCleef


From the day he was born, Illidan Stormrage was recognized as an elf of great potential. He tried to master the powers of the druid, but the magic of the Highbourne was more appealing to him. When the Burning Legion invaded, Illidan felt drawn to them, but then he encountered Neltharion, the Black Dragon Aspect. He joined the Aspect, and when Neltharion had destroyed the other Dragonflights and the invading Legion, he made Illidan his chief warlord, his first Dragon Knight. Illidan now felt satisfied, for he knew this was his destiny.

The GrandmasterEdit

When more and more night elves begun training as Dragon Knights, Illidan begun to be referred to as Grandmaster. He led many campaigns against the enemies of Deathwing. When Deathwing moved his focus to the Eastern Kingdoms, he took Grandmaster Stormrage with him, and left the other Dragon Knights powerless. He was going to train a new Order, this time consisting of the native humans. Illidan's purpose was to train the new Grandmaster, Edwin VanCleef, in the arts of the Dragon Knight. When he was done, his purpose was fulfilled, and he was taken to Deathwing's lair.


Since he was taken to the Lair, Illidan has been encased in a cocoon of sorts. Deathwing intends to use this method to turn the elf Illidan into a black dragon, the first "metamorphosis" of the kind ever performed. Illidan's dragon name will be Illitharion.


Illidan uses his deadly Warglaives of Azzinoth, weapons he took from a demon he killed during the War of the Ancients, in combat. He prefers quick attacks, dodging blows and performing sneaky attacks. His trainee, VanCleef, has also learned to use some of these techniques. Illidan is also a very potent magic-user, and is therefore more proficient with the dark powers innate to the Death Knight than most others.

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