Invt Pls
Arena Team Information
Team Name Invt Pls
Founded By Joe Momma
Current Leader Joe Momma
Team Size 5v5
Location Stormwind

"Invt pls"
—Joe Momma

Invt Pls is an Arena Team formed by several members of the Dragon Warriors.

Created by Joe Momma and his friend, Durgan Badashkid, the pair of them managed to convince several other guild members to join them. Their logic was simple; they would fight in arenas to get shiny prizes. Certainly that idea was appealing enough for them to rope in two of the guild's less cooperative members, as well as Badashkid's cousin.

While a sound idea, however, the reality of the situation certainly didn't match up to their expectations. Between Joe and Badashkid being none too bright, Balvin's generally absent-minded nature and Ellis and Lucille's tendencies to not listen to anything said to them means that the team has absolutely no coordination or ability to work together. The result is an almost unbroken losing streak, and a handful of wins that seem to be by accident or from the other team failing to show. Or sinking.

Despite this, Joe and company continue fighting, reasoning that sooner or later they're going to win something... or they will scrounge up enough of their pitiful weekly winnings to eventually buy something.

There is a smaller, spin-off team formed by Lucille, the Dark Shadow Angels

Current MembersEdit

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