TV Ja'Ihna2
Background Information
Race Forest Troll
Class Mage
Guild Ther'Aman Resistance
Vital Statistics
Height Average
Weight Average
Build Average
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age Young Adult
Birthplace Kult'Aman
Current Residence Ther'Aman

All I ever wanted was to study. Now, all I wish is to see the downfall of Deathwing and his vile Dragonflight!



Ja'Ihna, the Tyrantverse counterpart to Jaina Proudmoore, was born in Kult'Aman, daughter to Amanathi Grand Admiral Dha'Lhin. She early went to Dal'Aman to train as a mage. During her stay in those lands, Deathwing invaded, and she joined a resistance group. It was here she met the young human Arthas Menethil. She fell in love with him, and it appeared that he felt the same way. But this turned out to be just a deception, as Arthas betrayed the group to draconic authorities.

Escape and ResistanceEdit

Ja'Ihna was bound for execution, when suddenly, a mysterious cloaked individual helped her escape. When she, along with many other prisoners, had escaped, the cloaked man was gone. This was the beginning of a long run from the "law". After a short time, the troll sorceress had managed to gather quite a resistance group. They captured two ships from a draconic harbor, and set out for Kalimdor. In Kalimdor, she founded Ther'Aman, the renegade's sanctuary. After Arthas's assault against the Lich King, many formerly enslaved orcs also joined her new faction.

Present DayEdit

Ja'Ihna's faction is nowadays the chief threat to Deathwing's superiority. Her skill as a mage, along with the many other potent casters, warriors, and agents of Ther'Aman, has kept all forces away from the fortress city.

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