Background Information
Race Worgen
Vital Statistics
Height 6 feet
Personal Information
Age 44
Birthplace Duskwood
Current Residence Duskwood

Jitters was quest giver located at Raven Hill, Duskwood.

Ever since he found the Scythe of Elune at Roland's Doom, the worgen were unleashed on the area of Duskwood. Jitters somehow managed to escape after the worgen killed all of his comrades. He also witnessed the murder of Sven Yorgen's family by the Black Riders who were looking for the scythe. This "jittery" man currently lives apparently alone at the abandoned village of Raven Hill in Duskwood.


After curing the worgens in Duskwood, Jitters remained in Raven Hill until he planned to cure Sven Yorgen. Sven Yorgen blamed him for everything bad which has happen in his life.

Becoming a WorgenEdit

Jitters was very upset for what he did, and he tries so hard to apologize to Yorgen. He was later infected by the curse until he was later cured by Oliver Harris.

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