Joey Gibberstan was a baker in Darkshire before the Lixh King Invaded.One ngih he woke up to see his wife was gone.He looked around for her but never found her.He realised that she had been kidnapped by the acourge!!He knows he will never be able to get her back,so he became a member of the night watch,slaying scourge in vengence for her death.


He is a fit man who is 32.He has white skin and black eys with no iris' becoz he is specul.

Unhappy reununionEdit

While all this happpened,he was crying himself to sleep everyngioht ,until one day.The scourge attacked.Among there rannks was his wife!he reconized her instantly and got his sword.They drovve the scourge out and he went back home,sad and confued.He heard a whisper"Be like me!!!!!!!!"His wife scream and was about to plunge a knife into his skull.He darted ,buyt fell over twisting in agony.He was becoming undead!His wife was gone and he foguht back tyhe tides of Darkness.He gad survied thoguh it.He then lived sadly for the rest ofhis lfie until dying of natural causes twelve years later.


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