Kiru the Frost King is the first boss encountered in the Kingdom of Ice a 10/25 man instance.

Kiru the Frost King
Background Information
Race Elemental/Old God
Vital Statistics
Height ??
Weight ??
Eyes Yellow
Personal Information
Current Residence Froze Plains

Abilities & Tactics Edit

First Phase Edit

In the first phase, Kiru is virtually harmless and simply cleaves in front of him. Every 25 seconds, he will cast a Blizzard down randomly aoe-ing one general area. The tank's job is to kite Kiru away from the general area of the Blizzard, as it follows the raid group constantly. This portion of the fight is generally straight DPS and it is best to burn through this phase before a fourth Blizzard is casted.

Second Phase Edit

The last phase to this fight, in which Kiru will unleash all of his power. Spawning several smaller Ice Elementals, the DPS must focus and burn down these Ice Elementals quickly. Kiru himself will now have a large knock back every 40 seconds that if caught while casting will "silence" the one's caught for 7 seconds. On 10 man, Kiru summons 2 Ice Elementals every 30 seconds while on 25 man, he summons 4 every 30 seconds. After burning down the adds, the DPS must simply burn down Kiru.

Heroic Mode Edit

When engaged in heroic mode, Kiru will gain an extra set of arms and a wider aoe range. At the end of Phase 1, in Heroic Mode he will also Ice Block 2 Random players in 10 man, and 4 in 25 man. It is imperative that someone magic dispels these Ice Blocks as when Phase 2 is initiated the Ice Blocks will explode killing the player Ice Blocked and anyone around it. In Phase 2, the Ice Elementals gain a Blade Storm and will charge at the ranged DPS.

Loot Edit

10 Man Edit

  • Hammer of Cold
    • Two Hand
    • Mace
  • Earthen Ice Bow
    • Ranged
    • Bow
  • Deathfrost Necklace
    • Neck
    • Caster
  • Frost King's Gauntlets
    • Fist
    • Melee

25 Man Edit

  • Cloak of the Frost King
    • Back
    • Melee
  • Frostborn Staff
    • Staff
    • Caster- DPS
  • Ice Elementals Mask
    • Head
    • Caster- Healer
  • Vrykul War Dagger
    • Dagger
    • Melee

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