(This character is part of my original "Age of the Legion" storyline.)


Cromgar Felrage is a fierce and brutal orc warrior of the Warsong Clan. Once a proud and mighty warrior, a paragon of the Warsong orcs, Cromgar was seduced, deceived and later twisted into servitude of Tyrant Vandaala, and the Burning Legion. The term servitude, could be used quite loosely though; Cromgar is an orc of unbreaking will, and willingly follows the word of the eredar queen.

Cromgar was originally a regular green-skinned orc who was part of the Horde's Warsong division. With great loyalty, he served Garrosh Hellscream in Northrend and other battlefields across Azeroth, even remaining loyal during the Horde Civil War, fighting for, and aiding the dreaded Kor'kron in hunting down and slaughtering those deemed as "lesser races". After the end of the war, and the defeat of Garrosh, Cromgar was guilt-stricken and felt haunted by his bloody past, and decided to atone by fighting on Draenor against the Iron Horde. During this time he became something of a living legend, for the colossal victories he earned the Horde and his clan.

His luck changed though when, on Draenor, he met the one called Vandaala, wearing the illusion of a young, beautiful draenei woman. Cromgar immediately fell for her, and despite their racial differences, began engaging in intimate relations. Little did he know that, beneath her tempting disguise, this woman was, in truth, a demonic lieutenant who sought a strong, powerful warrior capable of handling the pit lord Gargonnath's potent blood. After further trickery, Vandaala convinced Cromgar to drink of the demon blood, shattering her own disguise as well. The twisted Cromgar survived the harrowing ordeal, arising as a mighty, hulking, indestructible wall of muscle and rage. Still blinded by his hopeless love for the woman, he agreed to aid her in attempting to destroy Draenor, and later, Azeroth.

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