Larry R. Darkweaver
Background Information
Race Human
Class Mage
Guild Dragon Warriors
Professions Herbalist, Alchemist
Vital Statistics
Height 1.68m
Build Slight
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Personal Information
Age 20
Birthplace Lakeshire
Current Residence Stormwind City

"Um, you want me to cast what at the Orc?"
—Larry R. Darkweaver

Larry R. Darkweaver is the son of the famous Rastenkeinen Darkweaver. However, he is a very different man to his father.


Larry shares his father’s black hair and eyes, but that is the limit of the resemblance between father and son. Short and slight of build, he has soft features, big eyes and hair that he keeps short simply because it looks awful if he tries to grow it. Similarly, he lacks a beard and knows that he’d look terrible in one.

As a mage, he prefers to wear robes, especially lighter colours; whether this is a personal choice or a desire to be less like his father is unclear.


Larry is, put simply, an effete wusse. Nervous and somewhat jumpy, he really doesn’t like getting involved in any form of combat or conflict. Given a choice, he’d personally prefer to spend his time in Stormwind, researching magical theorems and conjuring water for the odd drink. The last thing he wants to do is be dragged across the length and breadth of Azeroth (and Outland), fighting various monsters. Unfortunately, Cheery Flamethrower isn’t going to give him that option. And since he's terrified of her, he won't argue.

In combat, he prefers to cast as few offensive spells as possible; he will happily aid his fellows, but prefers not to actually attack opponents in the off-chance that they might try to hurt him back. He can usually be found hiding behind the biggest person possible, hoping that nobody notices him.


In going though the information that Rastenkeinen Darkweaver left for her, Cheery Flamethrower made an unexpected discovery. It appeared that the founder of the Dragon Warriors had a son that he had never told anyone about. Determined to follow this through, Cheery tracked him down, hoping to find a new leader for the guild.

What she found instead was a rather scrawny researcher who bore only the most passing resemblance to the man she used to work for. After confirming his identity, she came to the conclusion that he was not capable of being the guild’s new leader. At least, not yet.

To counteract this situation, she decided that the best thing to do would be to drag him into action against whatever foes the Dragon Warriors may face. To her mind, the only way that he would become a capable leader would be to face whatever threats were out there and learn from experience or, if needs be, sheer terror.

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