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Basic Information
Race Jungle Troll
Class Death Knight, formerly Warrior
Affiliation the Scourge
Professions Herbalist, Mining
Vital Statistics
Height 7.5 ft
Weight 170 lb
Build Emaciated
Hair Light Blue
Eyes Blue Glow
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Birthplace Ruins of Zul'Kunda, Stranglethorn Vale
Current Residence None


Lataku is a Troll Death Knight who, even after the battle of Light's Hope Chapel, stayed by the Lich King's side. Once a mere child of a cowardly Darkspear traitor, she now hunts rebel Death Knights.


Lataku is an impressively tall and muscular troll, like most of her Bloodscalp brethren. She uses her height an an advantage to intimidate those around her, even though her soft, youthful face contrasted to her hard body. In her undeath, her embarassingly soft face grew gaunt and her red eyes glowed with the icy blue. Her skin, once bright blue, turned black like leather, and her inky black hair paled to an unsightly shade of light blue. Her rusted black armor hid a frail rotted body underneath its bulk. The muscular body that she adored was now a shell of what it used to be. Horrible burn scars littered her emaciated body with one large crater of wound over her chest. The stinch of death lingers where ever she goes.


Lataku has always been a brutish, domineering women with a hot temper and little to no patience. Bloodthristy and viscious, she dominated the battle field with her berserk rage. She offen bullied those weaker than she was to make up for her soft, child-like face. Although Lataku is a serious person, she held a dry, sardonic wit. Cynical to the world, she scoffed at the war between the Horde and the Alliance, seeing it as being useless and a waste of time.


Lataku was born deep within the jungles of Stranglethorn Vale to a Bloodscalp woman and a Darkspear man. Although Lataku doesn't remember much from her childhood, she does have very few memories of her mother. When the Darkspire joined the Horde, her father followed them, taking the young Lataku with him.She trained as a warrior in the Barrens. Not much is known from between the time of Lataku's early life and her undeath. However, she was obviously a very high ranking warrior.

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