Guild Information
Founded By Mobead Headkicker
Current Leader Mobead Headkicker
Faction Alliance
Location Ironforge

—Mobead Headkicker explaining the guild

The Lawn Ornaments are a group of Gnomish Adventurers "lead" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) by Mobead Headkicker.

According to what little coherent information that Mobead has given, the guild was formed in the aftermath of the Dark Iron-Gnomish War, which he served in. Realising that the Dark Irons remained a threat and almost certainly were involved with the destruction of Gomeregan, he formed a private army to invade Blackrock Mountain and end the Dark Iron menace for all time. More specifically, they were formed as a result of his numerous clashes with a dangerous Dark Iron commando force known as the Black Flames.

Or something like that.

However, there are a number of problems with this concept. The first is the fact that there is very little evidence that the Dark Iron-Gnomish War actually happened. Certainly the only retelling of the events comes from Mobead's deranged ramblings, which are hardly a reliable source of information. Or, for that matter, a coherent one. At the same time, it is possible that the Black Flames do not actually exist either.

However, there are some other tantalising hints that Mobead may actually be closer to reality then it seems. A Gnome researcher in the Badlands supposedly killed Golem Lord Anglemach "ten years ago", the time in which Mobead claims the War occurred. A Forsaken Deathstalker supposedly has a rivalry with one of the members of the Black Flames. Of course, since said Forsaken is also quite clearly insane, this may not be useful evidence.

Despite this, the group does have some support. Their Anonymous backer seems to have their own reasons for supporting a war on the Dark Irons.


Membership to the guild is limited to Gnomes only; the only exceptions are Dwarven Priests and Paladins who serve as healers, and that is simply because Gnomes can't be Priests or Paladins (or Druids or Shamans, for that matter...) themselves. (However, this also would exclude Retribution or Protection Paladins, or for that matter, Shadow Priests). Why membership is limited only to Gnomes (and Dwarven Healers) is unknown.

Beyond a willingness to follow Mobead's incoherent orders, there are no other requirements for membership.

Current (possible) MembersEdit

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