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Leanne Placeholder
Background Information
Race Gnome
Class Warlock
Guild PPR Team
Professions Miner, Enchanter
Vital Statistics
Height 91cm
Build Slimmish
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Personal Information
Age 34
Birthplace Gnomeregan
Current Residence Ironforge

"Needs more Neon and Playskool"
—Leanne Placeholder

Leanne Placeholder is a Gnomish Warlock and member of the PPR Team. Unlike other members, however, she seems to actually enjoy being a part of the team.


Of average height for a female Gnome, Leanne is slimmer then the rotund norm of the race. She has short-cropped black hair and large dark brown eyes. She moves with a degree of zest and energy that seems surprising; indeed she would seem more suited to a more physical and aggressive role, like a warrior, then a Warlock. She makes a stark contrast to her best friend, Rainbow Smythe-Jones, who is short, rotund and extravagantly pink.

When not wearing her obligatory sinister black warlock robes ("They're a part of the role") she prefers slinky black or purple dresses or other, brighter colours. She wants to acquire a set of plagueheart robes simply because they are "neon".


Leanne is Rainbow's "best friend" and certainly seems dedicated to her. She not only enjoys the younger Gnome's antics, but seems to openly encourage her and egg her on, driving her to crazier and sillier moments of excess. She's also more then willing to serve as a replacement driver for the team, having a "thing" for driving highly explosive vehicles at dangerous speeds; she's happy to risk the occasional explosion if she can get a rush of speed out of it.

Much like Rainbow's pink obsession, Leanne seems to be inordinately fond of bright purple and green. She likes the two colours together, and seems to revel in the hideous clash between the two.


Met Rainbow at some point before Gnomer went explodo. Now hangs with her while she explodes stuff. Seems to see Lock as being more of a lark then serious stuff.




Leanne's Succubus, Ketsurii is moderately annoyed at her master because of the way she's used. Rather then being allowed to seduce foes or inflict pain, she instead wanders around serving as a "track girl" for the team. When she's not waving instruction cards to Rainbow, she'll be busy strutting around, forced to wear a shirt with the Smythe Arms logo on the front. And then being sent to get drinks. Or to get some part form the toolkit. Or to hold something while Morris is working on it. Or to clean the car. Or to do any old inane task that nobody else can be bothered with.

So, in other words, she's a spare pair of hands with some additional combat utility.

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