Legion Of Shadows
Guild Information
Guild Name Legion Of Shadows
Founded By Family Values
Current Leader Aidealadia
Faction Alliance
Location Darkshire

"Over my dead body Beheral"
—Napthara on guild succession
"Oh god, I hate you /gquit"
—Derty on Napthara

Legion Of Shadows is an Alliance-affiliated guild that began as a family run organisation to train Rogues and warlocks. And somehow became a socal club being run by a holy paladin. And then fell apart when the paladin was drafted into the Stormwind military. Currently it is being run, but in the most lackluster fashion ever, but the paladin's girlfriend, and the small amount of talent they had attracted has moved elswhere


LoS was formed by a warlock in Darkshire some time ago. Its current leader, The Lady of Shadows Adiealadia, is the girlfriend of its longest lasting leader, one Dr Tyladon Veredin. Although it was created to assist its shadowy founders in their unspeakable arts, it has in time devolved to little more than a social club. Most of its members are people with some social connection to V, or his blood or adopted relatives. For a period V's adoptive brother, the gnome Beheral attempted to recruit more competent people into the guild. However a concentrated level of total incompetence focused in Beheral and his retadin friends, coupled with a failure of the guild to achieve anything suitably heroic and V's drafting to the ranks of the Vailence Expedition has resulted in an exodus of the more experienced members to greener pastures. The remaining members might, sometime in the next 18 months, face the challenges presented by the Borean Tundra or the Howling Fjord.


At present, the guild is in a shambles with membership at an all time low. It is not expected it will recover. Current members include

Currently on Military serverice

Former members who won't be back

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