Lentos is a human priest. He was born the Cathedral of LIght in Stormwind. He was ordained into the Priesthood of Light when he was twenty two. He has never had any close friends,on the account that he was born and then left to the Arch Bishop of Stormwind.

When the orcs attacked Stormwind when he was 25,he was captured by a renegade Night Elve named Smadradon.

He was held captive for twenty years,until finally,he was killed off by the Orcs. Several years later,e was raised as one of the LIch King's death Knight. During the battle of Lights Hope Chapel,he was killed in a viscous battle with the LIch King himself. Several years later,a paladin general uncovered his remains. He raised him and now Lentos is a again a stout defender of the light.

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