Lilth Maria Susan W Dew
Basic Information
Race Blurd Elf
Class Blurd Knight
Guild [[]]
Professions Miner,Blacksmith
Vital Statistics
Height 2.20m
Weight 51 kilos
Build Muscular
Hair Silver
Eyes Drozzle!
Personal Information
Age 28 (appears to be about 28)
Birthplace Silvermoon
Current Residence Ex Silvermoon

"I Just LURVE mah human pally RLY! "
—Lilth on ChaudeV

Lilth is a special snowflake who has a human life span, was never addicted to the arcane, and manages to get high rank in the blurd knights without ever killing anyone who she was ordered to just because.


She looks like a normal blood elf, mostly. The fact that she is a fully developed adult at 28 defies lore. her eyes were not gloooowy blue as a kid, but one assumes as a blurd knight she had green ones.


Apaprently twinkly and innocent, she was bullied as a child for her lack of special powerz. She lurvez ChaudeV a human paladin who escaped from Loredaron. She has a huntard friend who bullies her as an adult. SHe is incapable of concealing her emotions, loud gasps and facial expressions telegraphing her feelings to those arround her.


She was born just before scourge happened, so that she could meat her belurved when they were both chillins and grow up together. OMG WHEE. Scourge happend. You might think the most drastic event to happen in her peope's history might be noteworthy, but it was not compared to playing tag with ChaudeV

She became a blurd knight. Don't ask how the order would accept a short life genetic freak into its ranks rather than kill it outright. She ahs a special connection with the Naruu M'ruu. Don't ask how the bloodknights took ehr in when she was weilding the real light, not the captive. Eventualy she pissess off the horde by "doign stuff' presuemable she goes to fuck chaudeV. Scourge never happened. the sunwell manga trillogy never happened. The reconstruction of sivlermoon never happend. Accept all this or else.

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