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Linwe Faelara Unicron
Background Information
Race Blood Elf/Planet eater/Puppy kicker
Class Planet eater/puppy kicker/Demon Hunter
Guild Silverlolz Empire
Professions Harvesting planets, kicking puppies
Vital Statistics
Height Epic
Weight That’s no moon
Build Very thin,and short. For a planet busting super weapon
Hair Slightly Orange with a purple energon tint
Eyes Red
Personal Information
Age 23 billion years old
Birthplace The vast vacuum of space
Current Residence Orbiting your planet. Oops..

"Why in the hell is a belf DK in an alliance infobox? Now I have to deal with this. I need a Ham sammich stat"
—Liinh Miinh Mehy on this article
"Tough one space goat. I aint touching this one with a 40 foot pole"
—Chentinal on Miinh Mehy’s qq
"Well it’s a girl. OF COURSE you aint touching her with your pole"
—Miinh Meh on Chentinal’s Sexuality
" Yeah. Tell you what. I’ll DO the next Dranai stue for ya"
—Chentinal on his sexuality
"Alexi and Chentinal, sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G."
—Miinh Mehy getting way off topic
"Oh believe me, I’d show him a new use for that blue soap"
—Chentinal entering fantasy land

Linwe, the puppykicking daughter of The planet eater, was born in another, now empty galaxy.

After Unicron and Elita One(Linwe's Mother) gave birth to a Blood Elf girl. Unicron swiftly left. A few weeks after she was born The Death Knight Arthas raided her galaxy and tooken her as a combat slave..because he knew her bloodline had immense, innatural planet eating capacity that she didnt know she had. She knew the raids she have gone through were wrong because she had to eat planets and kick innocent puppies... One day before a raid she went over her power limits and shot Arthas straight through his stomach with a planet busting missile for enough time to jump off his boat.

She woke up on a sandy shore of an island right off the South coast of Tanaris and met a new friend named Kicker Wintertotem. They built a sturdy and strong boat called Teletran one one day and set off for the coast of Tanaris. Once they got there they headed straight for Earth. Once they arrived they overheard a conversation about the Silverlolz Empire recruiting. Linwe took a long journey to the half-ruined city of Silverlolz but,unfortunately her dear friend kicker didn't want to join. Thankfully he Kicked the Emperor Hotshot’s most annoying companion, roadblaster so hard he collapsed. So he could stay without joining.After Linwe joined she worked as hard as she could getting to her higher ranks. She has only seen her Father once since she had turned 22 recently. He was ina parallel universe and beign a sun to a bunch of quintesson planets.

Now she sit as the rank of "High Councilor" in the Silverlolz Empire commanding what is needed, and threating to eat the planet if her commands are not met

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