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Liron Stormtrident is a powerful High Elf (Quel'Dorei) Death Knight that has a runeblade, named Shadowcinder. Engraved upon the blade is a Rune of Razorice. Liron, before turned into a death knight by the undead Lich King, King Arthas Menethil, was a blood elf paladin. Later, he changed his ways so he worships the kaldorei, the sin'dorei, and the quel'dorei all at once.

Life before undeathEdit

Liron was a very happy blood elf before the Scourge took over Azeroth, with a wife and two children--a boy and a girl, respectively. His wife was single-handedly wiped out by "King" Arthas attacked, when she attempted to attack the death knight with a bow and a quiver with almost two hundred arrows. Liron, angered by this horrible loss, took up his paladin sword and attacked Arthas himself.

Arthas easily dispatched the sin'dorei Blood Knight and raised him up as an undead Scourge.

After Lich King's betrayalEdit

Before the Lich King betrayed the death knights, Liron was made into a faithful death knight. Arthas gave Stormtrident a runeblade: Shadowcinder, a very powerful blade forged by Arthas himself.

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Arthas, betraying the death knights, was killed, and Bolvar Fordragon took his place. So Liron, then, went on his own way, reminding himself he was still a paladin, vanquishing evil with Shadowcinder, which he has thus turned good.

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