§ Lysithea Windrunner §
Basic Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Dark Ranger
Professions Miner, Enchantress
Vital Statistics
Height 5' 7"
Weight 120lbs
Build Seductive
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Jade Green
Personal Information
Age 145
Birthplace Sunstrider Isle
Current Residence Silvermoon City

"By Sundown, I Will Have Either Their Heads Or Yours On A Pike. So Choose Well."
—Lysithea to her lieutenants before a battle with the Scourge

Full NameEdit

Lysithea Valeris Flameheart
Lysithea (lye-sith-ee-uh)
Translation: Starlight

Valeris (vuh-lar-is)
Translation: Brave


  • Lysithea was the name of:
    • One of Zeus' lovers.
    • One of Jupiter's moons
    • The starship in Voices Of A Distant Star.

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