Mary Susan Sunstrider
Basic Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Hunter/Mage/Lookitme lookit me
Guild Silverlolz Empire
Professions Hand model
Vital Statistics
Height 1.7m
Weight Skanky.
Build Doubly skanky
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age 150
Birthplace Sunstrider Isle
Current Residence Silvermoon City

"Ugh. A girl. And a massive Sue to boot. Miinh can you handle this one"
—Chentinal on this article
"Horde infobox sucker. This one is all yours"
—Quote Miinhmehy on this article
"I don!t wanna"
—Chentinal QQing
"Suck it up, be a man, replace the names with mary sue and garry stu, and you'll practicaly be done. Its not liket here is much here yet"
—Miinh Mehy on Chent's QQ
"Ok ok, but knowing you I bet this is some sort of trap"
—Chentinal, getting ready to do his duty


In the quiet area of Sunstrider Isle, at 4am, Kael'thas Sunstrider was delighted when his wife gave birth to 2 Blood Elves. A girl and a boy. They named the Girl 'Mary Sue' and the boy 'Garry Stu'. The mother laid down on a bed of blue cushions while holding Mary sue in her arms while Kael'thas cradled Garry Stu/ 8 years later, at 8am, another healthy Blood Elf was born. A boy. They smiled and named him 'Place holder Stu'.

An IntruderEdit

At midnight, 10 days after Garry Stu and Mary Sue's 10th Birthday, Kael'thas woke up to the sound of screaming coming from downstairs. Kael'thas rushed down to find his wife silently lying in a puddle of blood. There were sounds of rushing footsteps near the window. He went to investigate... A shadowy figure appeared out of nowhere wearing a mask which covered practically his whole face apart from his red, glowing eyes, the rest of which he wore was just pitch black, and as soon as he pulled out a knife and striked at him, Kael'thas' face filled with fear! Kael'thas quickly dodged the first attack from becoming fatal but wasn't quick enough to stop the blade cutting deep into his arm. Then the intruder struck again. This time, he went for his legs. Kael'thas wasn't able to dodge this attack and fell to the ground in agonizing pain! The dark figure lifted his dagger and brought it down with sheer force but Kael'thas managed to roll over just in time and then knocked the intruder onto the ground. As he fell, he landed onto the knife and his deadly red eyes shot open in shock and just stared straight ahead. But he still managed to stand up and make his final move by throwing the knife directly into Kael'thas shoulder, causing him to scream out in agony and close his eyes to try and block out the pain, as the intruder slipped out through the window and out of sight. Kael'thas glanced over at his dear wife. He closed his eyes to stop the tears. She could not be saved from death... WOE WOE ANGST MAH MOMMEH WAS KILELD FOR MY !)TH BIRFDAY PRESENT!

(Waiting for more content to mock)

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