Marzon Alberth Thredd
Basic Information
Race Human
Class Rogue
Professions Engineering
Vital Statistics
Build Slim
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Personal Information
Birthplace (Old) Stormwind

Crimson Masks, Defias Brotherhood, it doesn't matter, as long as I'm free to do what I enjoy the most: criminal stuff.

-Marz Thredd

Marzon "Marz" Thredd was, along with his younger brother Bazil, a rogue within the Crimson Masks criminal syndicate. When it's leaders, "Eraser" Ryvengard and Hannah Salvaan, left for Lordaeron after the destruction of Stormwind, the experienced Marz was given charge of the organization's remnants. When the Defias Brotherhood later emerged, Marz and Bazil joined it, and became trusted advisors to Edwin VanCleef.

During a raid on a Stormwindian weapons shipment, Marz was fatally at the hands of a guard named Victor Thelwater, not long after poking out the latter's eye with his sword. Thelwater later went on to become a warden at the Stormwind Stockades. A mysterious rogue from Marz's group who survived the raid (it was successful, by the way) later took Marz's name as an alias.

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