Me Lovelies
Arena Team Information
Team Name Me Lovelies
Founded By Aunty Jack
Current Leader Aunty Jack
Team Size 5v5
Location Ogrimmar

"All right, me lovelies. Lets kill 'em"
—Aunty Jack

Me Lovelies is an arena team formed and run by Aunty Jack.

Formed entirely from members of her guild, the Aunty Jack Show, Me Lovelies is almost indistinguishable from the guild as a whole. Certainly a deal of confusion exists over the team's name and identity; people have been known to use the term "Aunty Jack Show" to refer to the arena team. That Aunty Jack refers to both her team and her guild as "me lovelies" doesn't help matters.

Formed out of what she saw as the "best" of her team (And she had no issues with telling that to the rest of the guild), Me Lovelies nonetheless is a fearsome team to face. Consistently one of the top-rated teams, the team is rarely defeated in battle. Aunty Jack favours brutal, direct tactics, launching overwhelming assaults on the opposition. Typically, she, Sae'jaii and Karg will attack the opposition head on, while Krom uses his lion form to sneak around and ambush the enemy healer. Bal'mah will typically stay back and heal, but will engage in battle when needed.

Usually, only Aunty Jack, Krom and Zarak (Sae'jaii's Scorpid) will directly engage the enemy, while Karg and Sae'jaii herself hang back. The team tries to eliminate enemy casters as quickly as possible, before Aunty jack closes in to eliminate their melee fighters. However, the team is more then capable of adapting its tactics as the situation demands.

Interestingly enough, the team has helped to enforce Aunty Jack's stance on not directly attacking the Alliance. By allowing her guild members to fight Alliance members in the arena, she gives them an outlet for their frustrations. Rather then attacking the Alliance in the field, they instead have an opportunity to engage them in a situation where there are no greater consequences for their actions.

Current MembersEdit

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