Measme Crystalsong
Basic Information
Race Human Undead
Class Mage, now Mage/Necromancer
Affiliation Alliance of Lordaeron, later Scourge, later Forsaken
Vital Statistics
Height 6'5
Hair Grey
Eyes White
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Birthplace Lordaeron

Measme was a powerful sorcerer born in Lordaeron. He participated in the Second and Third war and was one of the most powerful human wizards in Lordaeron, next to Jaina Proudmoore. Measme aided Arthas and Jaina when they were ambushed by Ghouls. When Arthas returned as a Death Knight, Measme quickly teleported out of the Throne Room, after setting Terenas' body on fire. He teleported back to his sanctum in the city and awaited Arthas to come. Falric and Marwyn entered his chamber. Through a detructive fight Mease killed the two Death knights and burnt there bodies. However soon afterwards, Arthas himself found his best soldier's armor and burnt bodies infront of Measme. The two fought, but Arthas became triumphant and slew the Mage. Measme, along with Falric and Marwyn were raised as his 'loyal undead'. He then used Measme to destroy the final sections of the living in the city.

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