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Background Information
Race Gnome
Class Rogue
Guild Lawn Ornaments
Professions Skinner, Leatherworker
Vital Statistics
Height 85cm
Build Round
Hair Silver
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age 45
Birthplace Gnomeregan
Current Residence Ironforge

"Make one false move, and your ankles will regret it"

Meegiebabe is a little peanut of death. Don't cross her or else she'll mess you up. I mean it man, it's a bad idea!


Meegiebabe could be best described as a "Goth Gnome." Srsly. Of average height and size for her race, she has large green eyes and relatively pale skin by Gnomish standards. Her hair is white, and is worn in a pair of coiled buns on the sides of her head. Overall, she appears to be undefinably dangeorus, something you don't want to go near but you can't htink why - even if she does have a pleasant smile. Or maybe the pleasant smile does make her more sinister.

Typically, she will wear dark leathers to allow herself to better hide in tiny, tiny little spaces before leaping out and killing people dead. When she doesn't want to be seen, she will wear a Too Sweet Hat.




Born and raised in Gnomeregan, Meegiebabe fell into a life of crime at an early age. She attended the worst school in the whole city; one that was full of delinquents. And a Gorilla. And possibly even a Robot. Despite the situation, she managed to survive and even thrive; those there learned pretty early an important lesson. If someone as harmless looking as her could survive there, then everyone figured she would be completely badarse.

The adversity of the situation was useful, however. Meegiebabe became skilled in the arts of sneaking, stealing and stabbing, talents that would help her in the years to come. Leaving Gnomeregan not too long before the meltdown, she began to travel the world. In spite of her Diminutive stature, she seemed to be able to carry huge amounts of "borrowed" goods on her person. For some reason, she seemed to particularly delight in picking the pockets of members of the Scarlet Crusade.

A chance meeting with Mobead Headkicker in Dun Morogh saw her join his Manly Millita organization, the Lawn Ornaments. However, according to Meegiebabe, she's in the organization less because of Mobead and more as a favor to someone called Chiclet. Interestingly enough, of all the Lawn Ornaments, she is easily the most active and seems to spend the most time in the field. In fact, most of the others seem to be content to spend their time stuck in an inn in Ironforge.

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