Mia Greymane
Background Information
Race Worgen
Vital Statistics
Height 6 feet
Hair white
Eyes brown (human); yellow (worgen)
Personal Information
Age 65
Birthplace Gilneas
Current Residence Gilneas

Mia Greymane was the queen of Gilneas and wife of Genn Greymane. She was affected by the worgen curse along with her husband and daughter, Tess Greymane. As a worgen, she always gave comfort to her son, Liam Greymane who wasn't affected by the curse. While Gilneas was invaded by the Forsaken, Mia orders all the Worgens to evacuate the manor when southern landmark of Duskhaven was sunken underwater. Mia Greymane volunteered to gather several human nobles from the villages until her husband was gathering his soldiers to fight against the Forsaken. She was devastated when her son was killed by Sylvanas Windrummer and she swore vengeance against the Horde.

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