Mobead Headkicker
Background Information
Race Gnome
Class Warrior
Guild Lawn Ornaments
Professions Miner, Blacksmith
Vital Statistics
Height 0.9 m
Build Wiry
Hair White
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Birthplace Gnomergan (Assumed)
Current Residence Unknown

—Mobead Headkicker's battle cry
—Mobead Headkicker engaging in covert operations
—Mobead Headkicker partaking in delicate diplomacy

Mobead Headkicker may be a reknowned veteran of a secret war. Or a deranged lunatic. Or a myth.


Mobead is, by all reports, of average height with a wiry build that shows his advanced age. This form is blurred by his layers of scarred, battered and bent plate armour. His sword and shield are apparently bigger than the gnome himself. He is also attributed with a bald head, scruffy white beard, extravagant moustache and highly intimidating eyebrows.


It's hard to grasp the personality of a possibly mythical figure such as Mobead. By all reports, his is intense and fearless, not only in combat, but in what accounts for his "normal" life. He speaks in short, nigh-incomprehensible growls, shouts and yells, instead getting his point across with a manic charge and a swing of his sword. His fearlessness borders on recklessness, sending him routinely into battles against packs of foes that greatly outnumber him, relying on his experience to see him through.


Little is known of the Gnome called Mobead Headkicker. Reports and rumours amongst the Gnomergan Exiles describe him as a battle-hardened warrior from conflict between Gnomes and Dark Iron Dwarves. What little is known about this conflict - if it even occured - is that Mobead was hounded by a particular special forces team known as the Black Flames. In particular, he is thought to have clashed head-to-head with their leader, a particularly ferocious and relentless Dark Iron commander named Thoren Ironfoot. Although Thoren and Mobead did battle several times over many months during the conflict, they were apparently evenly matched and their battles were inconclusive.

Whatever the result, or even truth of the conflict, Mobead disappeared from sight for many years. He reappeared recently in the companion of a group of Gnomes known curiously as the Lawn Ornaments. The reason for his reappearance is unknown. Some theorise that he is working as a mentor for these inexperienced adventurers, while eithers believe he is preparing for a return to Blackrock Mountain, and a possible rematch with his old nemesis.

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