Morgul'zum, dreadlord agent of the Burning Legion.

Lord Morgul'zum is a Nathrezim, or Dreadlord, and an agent of the Burning Legion. His name literally means "Black Spider", because of his shadowy and deadly nature. He has been present on Azeroth for several years now, not in his true form, but rather inhabiting the body of a human warlock. He goes by the name of Amadeus Volkstein in this form.

Morgul'zum was a servant of Tichondrius who fought during the War of the Ancients. He commanded battalions of demonic creatures as they battled against the kaldorei. However, after their failure, he re-assesed his strategy, and decided to inhabit the body of another. This opportunity presented itself when he managed to lure a conflicted, but powerful human warlock named Amadeus Volkstein into a trap. Through a series of events leading up to a final betrayal, Morgul'zum tricked the human into trying to siphon power from an old demonic artifact in felwood. Instead, however, the artifact siphoned out the warlock's soul, and transferred the demonic consciousness into the host.

Morgul'zum then continued living the life of the human as as if he had never died. However, just behind that flesh husk, the nathrezim analyzes the major cities of the Alliance, and their citizens, looking for an optimal time to strike, and carry out the will of the Legion...

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