Mr Thok
Basic Information
Race Ogre
Class Warrior
Affiliation None
Vital Statistics
Height 3.6m
Build Fat
Hair None
Eyes Brown
Personal Information
Age Unknown
Birthplace Unknown, Probably Blades Edge Moutains, Draenor
Current Residence Gadgetzahn

"You no bother Mr Killmeister or me smash!"
—Mr Thok

Mr Thok is the Ogre bodyguard of Grik Killmeister.


At first glance, Mr Thok appears to be a perfectly normal Ogre. That's because he is. He has mustard-yellow skin, and wears blue trabal tattoos, but otherwise is undistinguished. The only noteworthy thing about his appearance is the Goblin standing next to him.

He always carries a large club. Well, a large plank of wood with a nail in it. He can also often be seen carrying various heavy pieces of equipment for Grik and his team.


Mr Thok is big, dumb and likes smashing things. So, in other words, again a pretty typical Ogre. He is, however, very loyal to Grik, and is more then willing to stand between the Goblin and anyone who may wish to do him harm. His motivation is a mixture of two different factors; Not only are Grik's parents are paying him lots of shineys to keep Grik alive, but he gets a chance to smash anyone who disagrees with him.

He does seem to enjoy the rocket car races; or, at the very least, he laughs and applauds when a car explodes spectacularly. He also very much likes Ice Cream, a fact that has brightened the day of one of Grik's principal sponsors.


There is very little to say about Thok's history; he doesn't seem to know and nobody else seems to care. He was likely born on Draenor, probably in the Blades' Edge mountains. At some point, he was shipped through the Dark Portal and would up on Azeroth, and went native along with the rest of his clan.

Somehow after that, he ended up in the employ of Grik Killmeister's wealthy merchant parents. They gave him the job of protecting their son while he went out and raced and make sure that nobody tried to kill him off or the like (as opposed to Grik killing himself off in an exploding racing car, which is something that neither Thok nor his parents could do anything about).

Of late, Thok has been chiefly employed to loom over one Gnomish team and look big in the hopes of intimidating them. So far, all he's achieved is making their Night Elf pit crew look a little nervous.

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