Nassir Jones
Background Information
Race Human
Class Warlock Warrior
Professions Miner, Blacksmith
Vital Statistics
Height 1.75m
Build Muscular
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Personal Information
Age 35
Birthplace Goldshire
Current Residence Stormwind City

"I ain't no warlock, foo!"
—Nassir Jones

Nassir Jones is a human warrior who is sometimes mistaken for a Warlock. Nobody has any idea why. He just does.


Nassir Jones is big, black, bald and mean-looking. He wears armour, some of which he made himself, and carries a big gun and a bigger mace. He certainly doesn't look like some sissy in a dress.


Nassir likes big guns and big maces. He also likes making armour and weapons himself. He makes sureh is armour is allways clean so it can be "bling", whatever that means. He's going to become a Hammersmith some day just so he can make himself the biggest damn mace he can. Possibly he might also become an engineer so he can make himself a huge-arse gun to go with it. As can be seen, he prefers maces over swords and axes, which is unusual for a Human warrior.

For some reason, he goes around calling everyone "Brother" or "Sister", be they a Human or Draenei or whatever. He refers to the Stormwind leadership as "the man", and claims that they're out to "put down" his "brothers". What he thinks about the Horde (and Orcs in particular) is unprintable.

Nass is rather fond of his large maces and takes pride in jsut ho damn big and brutal-looking they are. For some reason, he calls them "Stretch" and "Hummer." He also calls his horse "Pussy". Make of this what you will.

He wants to meet a hot chick of the same strangely unidentified ethnic group as him, but they seem to be few and far between.

He doesn't like Warlocks. He also really doesn't like being mistaken for a Warlock. Don't call him a warlock.


Nassir was born in a no-hope, dead-end town where he was kept awake at night by the sounds of people constantly fighting outside. Growing up in Goldshire was harsh, but he managed. When the Orcs came during the first war, he and his family moved to Westsidefall, where they spent the war living in Moonbrook. However, Moonbrook proved to be even more of a dead end, simply because very little happened there. Apart from the odd crazy farmer that talked to his dog, life was rather dull.

After the war, they went to Stormwind, where Nassir learned the arts of smashing stuff with a mace and shooting things with a gun. Ironically, they got out of Westsidefall before the Defias took it over, which in retrospect was a good move.

He's since set out to fight the Horde, shoot stuff and hit stuff with a mace, and hopefully score some sweet booty along the way. Oh, and also find out why people keep thinking he's a damn Warlock.

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