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Many wise scholars and devout stargazers had spotted it, the distant star in the night sky, the white orb of the far reaches of the dark. But only I knew what it really was. Only I and my captors. But now I am getting ahead of myself. My name is Shal Lightbinder. I used to be an Archmage of Dalaran, the city of greatness and wonder, the home of the arcane. But when it fell to the onslaught of the heartless Scourge, that unrelenting undead war machine, my powers vanished like a cube of ice under the sun of Tanaris, for such is the cruel game fate plays with us mortals. A crippled husk of a wizard, occasionally wishing the merciful embrace of death had claimed me when it claimed my fellow magi, I made my way to the south.

For a whole year, give or take a few months (keeping track of time was not my paramount concern), I wandered, until I finally laid eyes upon the untouched walls of the last bastion of open, welcoming human civilization in the Eastern Kingdoms: glorious Stormwind, her blue and gold banners flying proud and her ever-vigilant guards in their shining suits of armor. I entered the gates of the grand city, and made my way to an inn, where I used some of the gold acquired on my long journey from my ruined homeland to purchase lodging for the night, get a hearty meal, and freshen up. When I felt content enough with my appearance and my stomach was filled, I drifted off to sleep.

After my well-deserved sleep, the golden rays of the dawning sun woke me up, and I decided it was time for me to locate other devotees of the arcane, to see if they could find a way to return my own lost potential to me, so that I once again could feel the sensation of mana flowing through my veins and enlightening ym spirit. This time, fortune smiled upon me, and not only did I find such a mage, but this mage was none other than my childhood friend Tasis Andromath, who survived the destruction of Dalaran with his magic still within his soul, and has now become Stormwind's own High Sorcerer. We met in the Wizard's Sanctum, the tall spire towering above the district of the city dedicated to the study of the arts, and discussed the details of my predicament and my travels. After hours of intricate discussion, a solution was reached: Andromath has heard a rumour concerning a man with a similar problem as my own, whose power had been restored after visiting a wise woman, a sage of great power residing on a desolate island in the Great Sea, far from any shore. With the High Sorcerer's best wishes and a relatively small but well-equipped ship, my next journey had begun.

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