Pillage People
Arena Team Information
Team Name Pillage People
Founded By Hogruk Rendermaim
Current Leader Hogruk Rendermaim
Team Size 3v3
Location Ogrimmar

"How can it be called mindless violence if its all we ever think about?"
—Hogruk Rendermaim

The Pillage People are an arena team formed by Hogruk Rendermaim from members of the Aunty Jack Show.

Angered at being left out of Aunty Jack's team, Me Lovelies, Hogruk decided that he would form his own arena team along with the rest of the guild. Both of his longtime partners in Alliance-bothering, Upchaak Bloodscalp and Kristoff Leigh were more then to sign up, eager for an excuse to engage in some copious violence and engage members of the Alliance that they so detested. Vel'nar declined their invitation, and they figured that it wasn't even worth asking Dawnee Moontotem.

(This had one positive benefit - as a three man team, they knew that there was no chance of their ever facing Aunty Jack herself, which was a prospect to terrifying to contemplate)

Calling themselves the "Pillage People" (A nickname that Upchaak had used for the Defilers in past), they readily joined the competition. The trio's experience with harassing the Alliance initially paid off; they found that they were well prepared for most opponents that they would face. Several easy victories over ill-prepared teams saw them jump to near the lead of the competition. The three of them developed an almost arrogant attitude, believing that nobody (certainly no Alliance teams) could beat them.

Things took a turn for the worse, however, when they were confronted by a team who's members included a Night Elf Warrior that the three of them had tangled with before. As before, the three of them seemed to underestimate their opponents, and were thoroughly defeated.

For a while, it seemed that they have had managed to bounce back and regain some of their momentum, largely through beating up on lower-ranked teams. However, with Kristoff's recent defection from the Aunty Jack Show, the team has been efectively shelved.


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