"You know, I've never been to an Ethereal funeral before," the goblin casually remarked to the Broken on his right. "I hear it's really something extraordinary. You know, ever since..."

"Hush," the Broken interrupted. "The ceremony begins."

Onto the open ground in the center of the crowd of spectators stepped a robed ethereal, carrying an ornate, purple box. He placed it onto a pedestal, and began to adress the crowd.

"We are gathered here at the Stormspire today, in the common year 63, in order to mourn the loss of Ulas'neri, a great schemer and President of Shattrath, who was assassinated not long ago by cowardly agents of the Illidari Remnant. The perpetrators will be brought to justice, but for now, let us celebrate the achievements and life of the dissipated."

As the Ethereal said that, the other Ethereals began to express a sstrange cheer, a gesture that almost immediately spread to the "fleshy" spectators. When the cheer had ended, the Ethereal at the pedestal resumed his speech.

"We, the people of K'aresh, do not leave any bodily remains, but, according to our tradition, the dissipated's wrappings will be launched into the Nether

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