Prophecy of the Promised One Edit

The Prophecy is a mysterious scripture written by Prophet Velen which foretells the coming of a being who will, "Transcend the Light, wielding the power of two worlds" and "be destined to oppose the forces of destruction".

Backround Edit

Twenty two years ago, on the distant world of Draenor, Prophet Velen and his people settled on a paradise which they had hoped would provide them with shelter from the lords of the Burning Legion. Among the many clans and families who joined Velen in his flight was a young couple- a mighty Paladin named Arkaron and a priestess named Zhena. These two, originally born in seperate clans eventually married and were expecting a son when the demons of the Legion discovered Draenor. After the corruption of the Orcs, Arkaron fell in battle, broken from a duel in which he had slain four demons simultaneously- Zhena, unable to save her husband, was maddened with grief when a Fel Orc Warlock called down an evil spell that nearly killed her.

Though Zhena vanquished the warlock, she was mortally wounded. With her last breaths, she gave birth to her only son- whom she named Zhakaron- in honor of his father, and thrust the baby into the arms of Prophet Velen. It was then that the Prophet underwent a vision- Hearing the voice of the Naaru, whilst seeing the child, fully grown, wearing his father's armor and standing against a great and terrible evil.

This figure would likewise be the "signing of a pact which will seal the fate of the enemies of all life". Recognizing the child's destiny, the Prophet then adopted and would raise the boy, training him for the future that awaited him..

Contents Edit

The following is an excerpt from the prophecy, although pieces are still missing, much has been learnt of the future.

Child born, salvation awaits,

seer doth warn of a deadly fate,

the child grows, wielding Light,

force of destruction shall he fight.

Dreaming, fallen King, long shall he rest,

Child of Light the challenge to his test,

Shadow rises, standing tall,

before Light comes to ensure its fall.

Doom arrives, approaching night,

before the world shall save,

the child promised by Light.

Interpretations Edit

The 'Fallen King' is thought to be Arthas, the Lich King- just as the champions of Light destroyed him and brought an end to the Scourge.

The 'doom' is likely Deathwing, while the 'approaching night' is thought to be the Cataclysm.

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