Puupria Skankwater Portrait
Puupria Skankwater
Basic Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Rogue
Professions Socialite (former)
Magic Junkie
Thief (former)
Vital Statistics
Build Average
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Personal Information
Birthplace Silvermoon City
Current Residence Magically trapped within the Ruins of Silvermoon

Puupria Skankwater is a blood elf former socialite who took to thievery to survive after the destruction of the Sunwell.


Before the Sunwell's destruction, Puupria lived her life as a wealthy socialite in Silvermoon City. She never paid for anything, and she became a bit of a kleptomaniac during the years because she was very greedy over her money and could barely stomach the thought of losing any of it, although it was also due to the thrill it would give her as she hung out with her friends, all other wealthy socialites. Upon the destruction of the Sunwell she started stealing magical items in order to siphon the magic out of them to keep her magical addiction alive. When she saw the Wretched beginning to form, she became ever more obsessed with thievery, wanting to save herself, although it was more because she didn't want to be grouped with such lowly citizens as opposed to the actual horror of the wretched forms. In the end, she became a footpad and as such served in minor rivalry with both Blurph and Gwagg Bloodriver for a time.

Eventually however Puupria saw an opportunity for herself to garner not only better magical items but with more frequency, by actually operating with the Horde as a rogue. She still saw herself above others, and when a mysterious little lich appeared and confirmed her beliefs in being a better being, she puffed out her magically-enhanced chest with pride. However, her pride would not last long. Seeing an opportunity as she quested within Feth's Way, he cast a strange spell upon her as her back was turned. She begged desperately to have the curse removed but to no avail; the microlich simply laughed maniacally at her situation and teleported away. Puupria was then left to her own devices, and seeing herself surrounded by such lowly peons as the wretched she attempted to leave the area as quickly as possible, only to find herself unable to leave the area, and that reaching the border in any direction would then teleport her to a random location within the sphere of influence. She eventually became exhausted and gave in. While it is unknown what happened to her for the next several months, she eventually degenerated into a Wretched, and now skulks the ruins like all those she once despised.

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