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Qa’atecholo'khon All-Traveller
Basic Information
Race Dragon Aspect
Class Whatever he wishes
Affiliation None
Vital Statistics
Height Average
Weight Average
Build Sleek
Hair No
Eyes Color-Shifting
Personal Information
Age Ancient
Birthplace Azeroth, "Coreverse"
Current Residence Always Travelling

I have seen everything, both fantastic wonders and unimaginable horrors, nothing have I missed, and yet I have seen so little."

-Qa’atecholo'khon All-Traveller

The mighty Qa’atecholo'khon appears as a great golden-scaled wyrm, akin in elegance and might to the other aspects. His past is largely unknown. If you ask an aspect anything about him, they will remain silent, except for some mutterings of "anomaly" and "should not be". One thing is for sure: Qa’atecholo'khon All-Traveller is unique. He does not belong to any one dimension or universe, instead constantly travelling through them all, and in no dimension is there another of him. If you happen to encounter him, you will find him to be noble and kind to anyone who does not behave particularly hostile and is powerful enough to pose a direct threat to him. Otherwise, he does not discriminate between individuals. If he is attacked, he will most often choose to shift dimesion, not wishing to upset the cosmic balance.

But in dire need, the All-Traveller may feel the need to defend himself, especially from other, hostile dimension-travellers. In such cases, he can unleash an unimaginable array of eldritch powers that defy mortal understanding. This is usually enough to vanquish most people.

Qa’atecholo'khon is also quite a scholar. In a particular demi-plane outside dimensional borders, he has a great library of just about every piece of literature ever written by anyone from any dimension. He has also authored several works himself, including A Coreverse-Tyrantverse Comparison of Individual Power in General and A Brief Study in the General Mechanics of Interdimensional Travel.

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