Race Information
Homeland Elemental Plane
Language Avian
Average Height 2.5 metres
Skin Color Dark
Hair Colors Hairless. Plumage can be most colours, from dull browns to bright pinks
Lifespan Immortal
Faction Elemental Lords

The Raptus are a race of avian humanoids who serve Al'Akir. Powerful, brutal and savage, they seek nothing less than the obliteration of all non-bird life from Azeroth, so that they can return there and turn what remains into a paradise for their kin


The Raptus were originally common birds who were sucked into the Elemental Plane along with Al'Akir, who kept them as pets. Due to the exposure to magics this caused, the birds began to mutate. Al'Akir, over the course of centuries, occasionally helped them along their way, until they finally became what they are today: Avians who look almost like humans, however are clearly not


Raptus stand much taller than an average human, and have similar proportions. Their head is that of an owl, giving them a wise appearance. Both their hands and legs end in yellow talons, which they can use to manipulate objects like a human's hands

A pair of wings grow from every Raptus' back. Due to their size, Raptus cannot fly for long using them, however they are capable of flight. Male Raptus have more vibrant plumage than the females, and also have longer tail feathers


All Raptus, from the youngest hatchlings to the oldest sages, are capable of using magic. For some unknown reason, however, they are restricted to ones that manipulate the winds. Their magic is a blend of shamanism with mage magic, combining the two into an unstable force. The claws and beak of a Raptus are especially strong, capable of sheering metal, however their bones are hollow and weak, making them unable to stand up to brute force

Other InfoEdit

The Raptus are a race theorised by Mecheon to give minions to Al'Akir, like how Ragnaros has his Flamewalkers

They have no connects to the Arakkoa at all

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