Rhonin the Black
Background Information
Race Human (with draconic augments)
Class Mage, Dragon Knight
Guild Dragon Knights of Deathwing
Vital Statistics
Height Tall
Build Average
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age 30s
Birthplace Andorhal
Current Residence Deceased

"There is no greater, more magnificent or more all-around spiffy Dragon Knight than I"
—Rhonin just before being killed by Hogger


Rhonin was a young mage from Andorhal who showed some promise, despite his general obnoxiousness. At one point, he accidentally incinerated several of his colleges when they got in the way of a spell he was casting. The leadership of the Dragon Knights of Deathwing were impressed with his destructive potential, as well as his ruthlessness in eliminating potential rivals - never mind that he hadn't meant to do it.

Dragon KnightEdit

When he became a Dragon Knight, one of the champions of Deathwing. However, because of his position, he became rather full of himself. He began to talk up his abilities, going to such lengths as writing lengthy stories about just how amazing he was, and prescribing great feats and accomplishments to himself, regardless of how nonsensical they were. Amongst other things, he claimed that he defeated a Dragon aspect, traveled in time, taught the Highborne magic and wooed a beautiful Elven princess. He also claimed to have defeated a powerful water-walking, self-ressurecting Shaman and his twelve followers in single combat.


Rhonin was sent to deal with the renegade Dragon Knight, Hogger. Supremely overconfident, he was unprepared for the Gnoll's power, which was over nine thousand times that of a normal Gnoll. Deciding to engage the renegade knight head on, he was completely outmatched by Hogger's ferocity and skill. He tried to flee, only to be killed with a single headbutt.

Afterwards, his robes were stolen by a passing Eredar.

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