Ripostay the Ripper. (Lightninghoof Realm)

    A psychotic killer the spends most of his days prowling a victim and eating body parts he saved up during his killing sprees. He believes to be a Secret Assassin from a faction by the name of Ravenholdt. He believes that there is some God of Assassins that is telling him to kill specific targets in order to balance the Libra of Fate. These ideas comes to him when he reads any form of literature, and he begins to decode the literature and they randomly spell out someone's name. He then seeks out this person. There was one book where he decoded, "BRING WAR". Thus he is on a journey to cause a mass war that Azeroth has never seen before.

    He is seen as a Shadowy Ripper, that nobody is aware of until it is to late. He makes his travels around the dark caverns and homes of Ice Crown, to the Dark Allies of Alliance Cities. After killing his prey, he cannibalize them in belief that he has taken their strength's into body, and may be unleashed when the time comes in his "Perfect War" in the future.

    Little is known about the history of Ripostay or who and what he is. He seems to just appear out of thin air. The only thing that is known about him is that he is a forsaken that killed countless Alliance Soldiers at "The Bulwark" during the Hallow's Eve Celebration. Even that information is not widespread.

    He is fearless because of his psychotic nature. He will attempt to kill anything. No matter the capability of his opponent. He laughs at the feeling of pain and the anger that his opponent tries to unleash on him. He often licks dead bodies. He often targets great Leaders of Well known Guilds in attempts to start a massive war.   

Famous quotes,

- "I love the taste of a Human Paladin, they have a slight heavenly tang to it.  
It is very rewarding after you kill them. Maybe that is why they are hard to kill."

- "Babies are gonna die in the future anyway. It is good to start when they are young."

- "Eyeball flavored Jellybeans anyone?"

- "Do you want a War, as much as I do!?"

- "I'm not psycho, I am just Enlightened... er... En-darkened.... whatever..."

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