Troggdors guild
Ro'c-ja Narth
Guild Information
Guild Name Ro'c-ja Narth
Founded By Trogg'dor
Current Leader Trogg'dor
Faction Neutral
Location Dun Morogh

Ro'c-ja Narth (Hidden Rockjaws of the North in Low Common) is a group of northern troggs who broke away from Hammerspine's Dun Morogh troggs. The two groups remain neutral.

Guild HistoryEdit

The Ro'c-ja Narth reside near Ironforge, as a mix with Hammerspine's troggs. Most of the Rockjaw Troggs are part of the Ro'c-ja Narth.

Guild CreationEdit

The guild of troggs was started when Troggarn'dorth IV (a.k.a. Trogg'dor) stood up to Hammerspine. Trogg'dor told Hammerspine that his rule was weakening the troggs, and that Hammerspine's methods were taking the troggs nowhere. Hammerspine told Trogg'dor that if he could do better, then to do so. So, Troggarn'dorth IV and his followers left and now reside in Dun Morogh, plotting to overthrow the dwarfs.