The Roadwarden's Arms are a trio of weapons that have been used by the Roadwardens of Winterwind Crag. The three weapons have been passed down through generations of Roadwardens, and symbolise their rule over the keep and the duty they perform. The Roadwardens Arms are composed of three weapons; the Roadwarden's Spear, the Roadwarden's Shield and the Roadwarden's Helm.

The Roadwarden's SpearEdit


The Roadwarden's Spear

The most immediately recongisable of the three weapons, the Roadwarden's Spear is a massive, metal polearm that symbolises the strength of the Roadwarden.

The exact origins of the weapon are unknown, but it is believed to date back to the Empire of Arathor. A large weapon for a human, its massive head gave it a potent punch against its foes. The head's design was such that foes who were not immediately felled by a blow would suffer grievous wounds, bleeding profusely. It is believed that this weapon was designed for use against Trolls to counter their regeneration abilities.

With the death of the last Roadwarden, the weapons were divided between the Roadwarden's three children. After the keep's fall, the spear was taken by Vidruand as a trophy. The weapon's current location is unknown, but it is believed to be in the Necropolis Archerus.

The Roadwarden's ShieldEdit


The Roadwarden's Shield

The second of the Roadwarden's arms, the Roadwarden's shield symbolises the Roadwarden's protection and duties.

The Roadwarden's shield was forged not too long after the keep's construction, and was one of the weapons that the original Roadwarden wore into battle. While of an elaborate design, the Shield is no less functional then those of a more simple manufacture. Its large size means that its use gains more protection then he would otherwise, however it is still rather light and mobile.

As with the spear, the Roadwarden's Shield was taken by Vidurand after the keeps fall.

The Roadwarden's HelmEdit


The Roadwarden's Helm

The third of the weapons, the Roadwarden's helm is the symbol of their command and leadership, and their authority over the keep.

Of Dwarven make, the helmet has a rather elaborate design that borders on the ostentatious, especially when compared to the relatively simple designs of the Shield and Spear. None the less, the protection it provided was excellent, allowing the wearer to survive blows that would otherwise kill him.

Upon the death of the Roadwarden, the helm was passed to Vidurand. He chose to keep the helm when he became a Death Knight, and wears it to this day.

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