They are hairless.


There skin is smooth as a piece of glass(if they have skin).It can be deathly white or charcoal black.It can be spotted with chalky white or striped with charcoal black.In some rare cases they are without skin.In these cases there bones appear to be floating in mid air but are attach by Tendons and Ligiment like objects.The bones are either blood red or are charcoal black with red spots on there legs .


They speak a low form of gutterspeak and orcich mixed together.

What are they??Edit

They are a rare form of monstroity that happens to orcs if they are cursed with the plauge of undeath.If,for some reason,they plauge stops ,after several years,the orcs will turn into this.It is unknown why this occures.

The other wayEdit

The other way a orc can become a SO is if a high ranking Scourge personal changes them personally.

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