Seal Elves are the new race in the Expansion, A New Hero Arizes. They have varying traits.


Seal Elves were named after a band of six hybrids of demigods and elves of unknown origins and gods that sealed away a Dark demigod human-blood elve hybrid demon King, hence the word seal.



  • Classes:
    • Warrior (use for all)
    • Hunter (only for Nature)
    • Rouge (use for all)
    • Mage (only for Frost and Fire Elves)
    • Priest (when a Fire Elve, cannot progress when Shadow Priest becomes an option until it is changed into it)
    • Paladin (use for all)
    • Druid (only for Nature)
    • Deathknight (use for all)


  • Resistance:5 Frost
  • +5% Damage Increase to enemies with Fire Reistance per point
  • Sword and Dagger specialty; 5% Damage Icrease per hit


  • Resistance:5 Fire
  • +5% Damage Increase to enemies with Frost Resistance per point
  • Sword and Mace specialty; 5% Damage Increase per hit


  • Resistance:5 Nature
  • +5% Damage Increase to enemies with other Reseistances per point
  • Dagger and Bow Specialty; 5% Damage Increase per hit

After Level 40Edit

Keeps previous traits, gains one of the following new ones in addition:


  • Resistance:10 Holy
  • +10% Damage to enemies with Shadow Resistance per point
  • Wand and Mallet specialty; 10% Damage Increase per hit


  • Resistance:10 Shadow
  • +10% Damage to enemies with Shadow Resistance per point
  • Wand, Staff, and Dark Magic specialty


  • Resistance:10 Arcane
  • +10% Damage to enemies with other Resistances per point
  • Sword, Wand and Magic specialty


The Seal Elves are from an ocean of Islands in another dimmension known as Sharloran Isle. 1,000 years after the Draken Lord was sealed away, this place suddenly appeared cloes to Azeroth.


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