Secret Snake Team
Arena Team Information
Team Name Secret Snake Team
Founded By Keldor Greyskull
Current Leader Keldor Greyskull
Team Size 5v5
Location A sub-basement in Brill

"We shall destroy the Arena in the name of the Old Gods!"
—Keldor Greyskull

The Secret Snake Team is an arena team formed by the members of the Secret Snake Cult. It was created to destroy the arena competition, but has so far failed spectacularly.

Seeing that numerous members of the Horde were taking part in the Arena competition, Keldor Greyskull decided that he needed to destroy the competition for the Old Gods. His rational was that the destruction of the Arena would so discord amongst the Horde's members and lead them to go to war with the Alliance, goals that would further the causes of his sinister masters. In order to achieve this, his team would become the champions of the arena, destroying all opponents.

Of course, reality and lofty goals rarely agree.

Instead, the members of the Secret Snake Team found that they were being constantly beaten by every other team they encountered, Alliance or Horde (or otherwise). That most of their losses were one-sided beatings didn't help any; even when confronted by lower-ranked teams with a reputation for losing, the Secret Snake Team managed to lose spectacularly.

Despite finishing near the bottom of the arena ladder in the first season, the Secret Snake Team vowed to continue their plan. This time, they have a new goal; they aim to destroy the opposition through summoning a giant snake to crush the arena. So far, this is yet to happen either.

Current MembersEdit

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