Serina Lunarshine
Basic Information
Race Blood Elf
Class Paladin
Vital Statistics
Height 8"2'
Build Average
Hair Indigo
Eyes Glowing Green
Personal Information
Age 121
Birthplace Silvermoon City
Current Residence Silvermoon City

"I would prefer it if you don't make comments about my height."
—Serina Lunarshine

Serina Lunarshine is a Blood Elf Paladin who spends most of her days tending to her garden and her job as a dancer at the inn.


Serina is a really tall woman standing at 8"2', opposed to many other Blood Elf females who are usually 3 feet below her in height. This was caused by a disorder in her hormones as a child that increased her speed of growth. Because of this, she has to kneel down or be seated to come into eye contact with people, and she has been dubbed "Serina the Amazon" by her friends. Her hair is a deep shade of indigo and is long, straightend out, and held toghether by her headband. Her clothes are composed of a headband with many types of jewels embeded in it, gold earings, a magenta-colored bikini top, gold bracers, a gold belt, light-blue shorts, and yellow sandals made of straw. She changes her clothes depending on the conditions around her, where if she is in a place where the wheather is dry and hot, she wears her bikini and is barefooted, if she is in a place where the weather is cold and freezing, she wears heavy clothing and fur coated boots, and if the weather is mild and temerate, see wears her normal attire.


Serina is a caring soul who feels that peace should be brought to Azeroth. Serina hates to fight but carries two tridents with her if she's ever forced to fight.


Serina carries two tridents with her if she is ever in a condition where she is forced to fight. Her silver, blue, and purple trident is a long sharp trident with the words "Luce" embedded in the handle. Her gold, black, and red trident is basicly the same thing only with the words "Scuro" embedded in the handle.


Important PossesonsEdit

  • Her headband
  • Her bikini
  • Her bracers
  • Her belt
  • Her shorts
  • Her sandals
  • Her winter clothes
  • Her tridents


Luce is Italian for Light and Scuro is Italian for Dark.

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