==&nbsp History== Born in the lower class reigon of Stormwind to a unassuming couple, Shade knows what being less fortunate is like. When he was five years old, Shade started training to join a swordsmaster guild, all in the name of getting gold to pay for his parent's home. A few years later, a Horde raid occured, and Shade got lost in the confusion. When the raid ended, the young boy looked for his parents to no avail. After that day, Shade has never stopped looking for anyone with information about his family. At age 17, Shade met, and dueled with, one of his best friends, Sadow Yatsumaru. After the duel, both of them were given a challenge to fight with all of the Gravity Force members, and if they could deal with the pain without dying, they would be allowed to join the guild.

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