What are they?Edit

Shadow hunters are a warlock-hunter hybrid.They use imps instead of pets but prefer to stay back wth a bow.THey use shadow energy.


The races that are known to have shadow hunters are: humans Orcs Trolls SCourge Forsaken.


Shadow Hunters started being all scourge.It spread to the forsaken by a spy named,Alora Bonecruncher.The scourge then shared this with the orcs who shared it with the trolls.La'grosh,the king of stormwind,noticed there fighting style and took notes notes back to the humans.The Forsaken have the largest numbers of shadow hunters.Humans have the least.


about 60 years ago,the horde led a extermination Massacre oif all shadow hunters for conspiracy.Shadow hunters who escaped fled to Northrend and set up several villages in the islands aboe Icecrown.Humans abandonded the art about 20 years ago.People who dissagread weit hthis went up to northrend as well and stayed on the uislands above Icecrown.

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