Sheep Nukers
Arena Team Information
Team Name Sheep Nukers
Founded By Will DeBeest
Current Leader Will DeBeest
Team Size 2v2/5v5
Location Ogrimmar

"There may be teams that are worse then us. This terrifies me"


The Sheep Nukers are an arena team formed by Will DeBeest and Malebranche. They are one of the lowest ranked teams in the competition. The name "Sheep Nukers" actually refers to two separate teams; the first is a two man team; the second, more properly known as the Sheep Nukers XL is a five-man team.

Will isn't entirely sure why he formed the team; maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time. Malebranche only joined because he knew it would take more effort then he could be bothered with to talk Will out of it. After a few matches in which they were soundly defeated, the pair of them decided to expand the team, figuring that they might do better as a part of a larger group. Will recruited from his various associates, as well as netting a random passing person to finish the team.

Unfortunately, things didn't go any better as a part of a larger group. The members of the team seem to spend most of their time tripping over each other and getting in each other's way. They have no strategy or tactics at all, beyond hit the enemy and try not do die. Rhantd seems to be the worst offender, as he seems to actually manage to make things worse for the rest of the team.

The name, incidentally, was Malebranche's idea, inspired by the tendency of people to attack any target that he's polymorphed, regardless of if it is appropriate or not.


"We have an arena rating of over sixteen!"
—Will DeBeest
"I poisoned the sheep! Is that okay?"
—Rant Cadfael
"I have a plan! We try not loose and beat them instead!"
—Will DeBeest
"I tell you not to attack the sheep and you attack it. I would tell you to attack the sheep, but you still would do it"

Current MembersEdit

Sheep NukersEdit

Sheep Nukers XLEdit

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