Silverwing Natrualists
Guild Information
Guild Name Silverwing Natrualists
Founded By *Night Elves
  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Gnomes (technology wise)
Current Leader Tyranus Moonlight
Faction Alliance
Location Southern Elwynn Forest up to Forest's Edge, Eastern Westfall, Eastvale Logging Camp

"Duskwood has fallen to the Firewolf Clan and it's curses. The Land has became a hell hole of darkness and death. Only trees remain as it's nature, the rest is just dust and echoes..."
—Tyranus Moonlight to his followers

The Silverwing Natrualists are a faction formed from Night Elves and Humans. The faction has claimed the lands of southern Elwynn, the Eastvale Logging Camp and eastern Westfall. They are focused on ridding Duskwood from the Horde's Firewolf Clan, aswell as inventing technologies to bring the land back to life. It is lead by Night Elf Tyranus Moonlight.

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