Background Information
Race Human
Class Mage
Guild Slayers of Destiny
Professions Enchanter, Tailor
Vital Statistics
Height 5' 8"
Weight 178 pounds
Build Athletic
Hair Blonde, short
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age Unknown, thought to be 25-40
Birthplace Stormwind City
Current Residence Goldshire

Work in progress - bear with me please.


Simonee was born in Stormwind City to a female mage and a male warrior. He was trained for both mage and warrior duties, though he took an early proficiency to the former. As a toddler, he had set buildings in the Old Town aflame regularly. In his fourth year, he was sent off to Silvermoon in Quel'Thalas to train further in his spellcasting. Soon after, the Grand Alliance had officially cut its ties with the High Elves, and no other young humans were sent to train. In Silvermoon, Simonee was mentored exhaustively by the brightest of the High Elven spellcasters for years, until the death knight Arthas brought with him the Scourge, destroying Silvermoon and taking the Sunwell.

After the destruction of his training grounds, Simonee fled to the nearest Alliance city, Dalaran. There he resided and continued to train under the mages of the town, until once again he was chased away by the Scourge. Simonee narrowly escaped the town's destruction by mounting a gryphon and heading back to Stormwind. There, he concluded his training and from there, began his own guild with friends he had met in his explorations of Stormwind.

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