Sloan Frosteye
Background Information
Race Dwarf
Class Priest
Guild Lawn Ornaments
Professions Drinking
Vital Statistics
Height 1.19m
Build Solid
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Personal Information
Age Old
Birthplace Ironforge
Current Residence Kharanos

—Sloan Frosteye

Sloan Frosteye is a perpetually drunken Dwarven priest who somehow is a part of the Lawn Ornaments. Being drunk probably was a factor.


For the most part, Sloan's features are hidden by his thick beard and hair. What little can be seen suggests a ruddy complexion bought about by way too much drinking. His hair is grey, while he has clear, piercing blue eyes that seem to belie his perpetually inebriated nature. His features would seem to suggest that he is about middle-aged for a Dwarf, or that the years of boozing have been very hard on him.

He dresses in white priest robes that seem to be shockingly clean given his lifestyle and habits.


A casual observer would assume that Sloan was a raring drunk who completely lacks any sense of responsibility or control over his actions. And they'd be mostly right.

The truth is that Sloan is a raring drunk, but, regardless, he's still very good at what he does. Even when he's compltely tanked off his face - which is pretty much his normal operational procedure - he seems to know exactly what he's doing. Despiute operating through the haze of an alchaholic stupor, he is albe to use his healing spells to their full effect, keeping his allies on their feet and ready for battle with amazing precision. In fact, it would appear that he seems to get better at healing the more drunk he is. Certainly, even when completely blotto, he makes a better healer then, say, some mindless space goat or halfwit Paladin.

It is assumed that Sloan is a devout follower of the Titans and the Light. Assumed, becuse nobody appears to have ever seen him sober.

He shouts "Tequila" a lot. It appears to be his battle cry. Or some from of prayer. Or his standard greeting.


As some point, Sloan Frosteye presumably trained as a priest. His command of healing magics is far from accidental, and his abilities cannot have come around by sheer chance. However, where he actually came from seems to be largely irrelivant, as his main concern seems to be the consuption of copious amounts of alchohol. The earliest known encoutners with him have him staggering around Karanos, curing the elements while looking for a good drink.

His abilities as a healer garnered the attention of the fearsome and possibly fictisous Mobead Headkicker, who recruited the Dwarf into his growing private army; seeing the need for a healer. Sloan agreed, being far to drunk to think not to. Since then, he has served as the main healer of the Lawn Ornaments as they engage in their bizzare and possibly non-existant crusade to do stuff.

Which seems to have mainly consisted of him passing out and throwing up in various places.

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