The Kingdom of Stormwind is the leading state of the Grand Alliance.

Government and Politics Edit

Stormwind is a constitutional monarchy and a realm within the Commonwelath of Azeroth. The Commowealth Accords provide the constitutional framework of the country. The diplomacy, military, trade and common policy of the Commonwealth are handled by His Majesty's Privy Council, which may be appelead to resolve institutional crisises or erase any incompatibility between the laws of the Commonwelath and the laws of the Realm.

All executive power remains in the Cabinet of the Kingdom. The Cabinet is composed of the Lord Chancellor of the Kingdom and the Lords Commissioner, who excercise the royal prerogative under the authority of the King-in-Council.

The legislative power is vested in The Lords and Commonwealth of the Realm in Parliament Assembled, or the Parliament of Stormwind. The Parliament is composed of the House of Commons, the House of Clerics and the House of Nobles, plus the King-in-Parliament.

The judiciary is separeted between the equity ystem (presided by the High Court of Chancery and the Chamber of the Exchequer), and the law system (presided by the Court of Common Pleas and the Court of the Royal Bench). Disputed may be handled over to the Appellete Committees of Parliament or the Judicial Committees of Council.

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